About Us

Here at Macleay Street Laundrette we have over 15 years’ experience when it comes to your laundry needs. This means we understand fabrics, stains and chemicals better than most.
We provide a same day service which is just one of our excellent customer services.

We understand how much our clients cherish their garments and that is why we use our new Hydro-Carbon dry cleaning machine.
This machine cleans almost every ‘precious’ garment including complicated beads.
We shouldn’t have to say it is good for the environment, but we will.
Then we hand finish every item of yours.

Not only do we look after our valuable customer’s clothes but we have shining reviews from Australian designers and their products.
(Carla Zampatti and Camilla and Marc just to name a few…)

When it comes down to ironing we provide a stain-free spotless finish on all garments.
Unipress Lightning 1, from the USA, presses shirts beautifully, including work shirts, and we use a roller press for bed linen- as good as you’ll find at a hotel.

And for all those laundry bag items we provide a two-hour service so you can get on with the rest of your day.

We are also a certified member of the Drycleaning Institute of Australia which keeps our standards high.

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